Today we got off to a bad start my human did not realize it was a 7:30 start I have to run 29k but the pack have to run 36k so they phoned to see what happened to us… My human was mad at her self old habits die hard.So we parked in a different spot and ran towards the runners we met up together and my human was glad.The weather was feeling warmer running in just a long sleeve shirt and capris.we were having a strong run for the first 11k and them my human thought she had a cramp stopped and fueled up really well… She tried to run again and realized she had pulled a muscle in her calf… not a nice feeling she could not run another step and started walking gingerly back towards her car… The standard picked me and my human up and we drove the course enjoying watching the pack complete the super long distance… It was a nice change to hear them talking of there experiences.The Italian sheep dog is so excited to run a marathon she said all week she has been talking about it.The lion shirt was rubbing and she had to change..I felt bad for those guys as the wind had really picked up.The standard bought my human a hot chocolate and me two timbits yummy … we enjoyed watching the runners and will be at the race to cheer them on … now home to ice the humans injury I hope her paw is better for her 32k run next week… I hope the Rottie and the lab have a great holiday maybe they will be twitapated … lucky them I will miss ya next week .. enjoy taper bitches see ya in 2 weeks xxxxxx



Today is a great day for a hilly long run the Rottie has planned a hilly course that has to make race day feel easy… we started at Lasalle park and my best friend Tessa was running along side me ..I don’t think you humans realize how hard it is to run in the spring squirrel are jumping all over the place making it difficult to stay focused,up trees in front of cars and runners, leaping and bounding and i just want to kill them. Tessa feels the same i look at her and she has a glint in her eye and we both know we feel the same way WE HATE THEM hiding nuts they never will find and breeding like rabbits…its a disgrace in public to… its like Squirrel porn …. we had just started the run and we were tackling the first hill when a german shepherd came bounding towards us.My human was not concerned as we see him all the time and there is an electric fence on his property so we continued to run when Tessa’s dad shouts HOLY CRAP he does not have his collar on…. which means the electric fence does not work … The dog was approaching me all muscle and handsome I had a quick thought maybe I should make out with this dog ..Then  Tessa’s DAD SHOUTED IN A VERY LOUD VOICE GO HOME and that brut of a canine left with his tail between his legs.. That was for the best as I have never made out in front of my human before not like those squirrels it must be spring as we are all twitapated.I am glad Kevin was with us We had a great chat on our run the air felt warmer and no gloves required.The second part of the run was nice and flat and the we finished with rolling hills back up to Lasalle. The pack are running 32k this week and I heard they had good strong runs one more long distance and then taper.they are working hard just like my breed of dog the sheep dog… Run strong bitches see ya next week xxx

End of March

The time is starting go by very quickly this week the run is only 15k its a step back  for my human after the bay and i love it as I missed my long run last week as you guys know race day is a no go for me…  I have to also add the italian sheep dog had a personal best last week and so did the lion ..it was the lions first Bay so she ambled through that quite nicely….Congrats to them very well deserved ….My human booked all her races this week and has a very full schedule I might add but i will let you know how they go as the time draws near ….It is a very cold run today spring has forgotten to join us but we will be wishing for this weather in August when the runs are so hot and humid…Todays run was nice and flat which is a change from all the hills and some times we welcome that with tired legs .Everyone was in good spirits after the amazing results and have all planned to run a marathon in Toronto so the training for them today is longer than 15k ..my human is running later in Halifax so they are on different schedules at the moment.Todays run felt like it went by very quickly but I am not use to such a short distance I guess a good breakfast is in order mmmm…my human always buys me two timbits on the way home I love that a little reward for all the hard work kind of like a medal to you guys…..stay safe on the road bitches see ya next week

Bay day Bay day

I friggin hate race day I do not get to run, imagine leaving me at home to have to listen to the human going on about the race details, she flippin forgets what day of the week it is… let alone giving me all the up dates. I really only care about important things  like was Tessa there and how are my pack of friends.I pace  back and forth all the time waiting for her to release the important details of the race bending my head from side to side as if to say well,she goes on about cute guys bums she even told me some guys spat and it missed her by a hair space she felt the spray and he even apologized  and my human said she called him an ass….I would have been so scared if she had done that she is not one to mess with she scares crap out of the alfa male and her son I hear them talking sometimes hahaha they are wimpy boys….She said the weather was a little cold to start but it was a fantastic day we had lots of personal bests and fantastic achievements… the teachers friend ran it in 2hr and 55 seconds I don’t think our car goes that fast BOL… The rottie and cat woman kicked the courses backside with stellar personal bests and every one completed with times they seemed happy with. The pack have been lucky as Romen and Tanya are very kind and let them change in the warm and use the washroom facilities in CHCH  a 5 min walk from the start line I know they all really appreciate that….. Thank you Thank you …. The ladies shirts were a really bright orange and I wanted to say to the guys orange you glad your not a girl BOL…. Great race everyone I hear there is a party at B and Laura’s she has reason to celebrate I am sure she will have a smile like a cheshire cat.. Congratulations  to all our running friends see ya on the road bitches xxx

Practice for the Bay Day 16th march 2013

We puppies are still training for the bay it is a cut back week this week so I do not get to run my long distances . I hate that, I love the freedom along Lake Shore my fur blowing in the breeze looking out over the lake at the factories and wondering how those workers would love to be in my shoes(no not my doggy boots I hate them)BOL.Mother nature has been fierce this year throwing a lot of wind at us that really sucks but the Rottie  always tells the humans that it will make you stronger race day.Every runner has worked hard to accomplish there goals and I love the excitement in the air when they all are barking out there hopes and dreams…. I love them all .. I run with my human,Kevin Tessa’s dad,Jeff the St Bernard and Roseanne the teacher some times The Rottie runs with us depending on her training…there is also another pack that includes  Kerry the Standard,George the Lab, Sabrina the Italian sheep dog, Laura cat woman and Becky who is the lion for many reasons her hair is the color of a lion she has the heart of a lion and she is becoming as fast as a lion… Last year was her first marathon which she finished with the courage of a lion and I am not lying BOL… I wish you all a great race next week and have to thank Tessa’s mum lynne for the water she makes sure I am well hydrated …which reminds me have you seen any fire hydrants I need to go….. stay safe on the road bitches and good luck at the bay

Time change

Time change kill us every year the alarm rings and runners all over the place drop one leg out of bed and groan… Really guys it’s only one hour earlier and to us canines all we can hope is it is long Sunday run ..time is running BOL (bark out loud)….. I love my long runs we get to see all my favorite people,The Rotty barks out the route which is a hilly 25k run yippee 25 lovely k …. It’s a crisp morning and some of the humans are running a shorter distance as they are going to NYC to run the St Patricks half marathon next weekend… I wish them all a fantastic weekend a fun run and drinking all the green beer they can fit in there tummies.. Oh yes and shop till ya drop… The teacher, Tessa’s dad and a visitor from winterpeg ran with us.. it was a fantastic run, cold but the lake looked like glass not even a ripple on it.We ran at a great pace tessa’s dad killed the hills he has improved so much he is getting to be a very fast human… We enjoyed the pathways being bare the snow had melted a lot this week so it was much kinder under paw…we ran up valley inn road looked up… Doug an old friend was picking up garbage and for those of you who know Doug he takes pride in nature and you will often see him with hands full of rubbish keeping parkways and streets clean,he picked up a timmies tim bit box and had it loaded with garbage and I asked if I could have a timbit and we all took to laughing,we need more runners like Doug…This is also the area where the ST Bernard was approached some thing to do with a daisy chain BOL …. The run back home was great I said to Tessa’s Dad thank god the hill are over he said “have you forgot we have to run back” More hills and the rotty placed a really big sneaky one in there jeepers creepers it was tough but we killed it…. When we arrived back at the rotties… I ran so fast around the back yard I was showing off to Tessa playing and rolling in rabbit poo I love rabbit poo… Then i was really thirsty my human was slow with the water so i went over to some clean ice and started chomping that ice crunching away like it was a Popsicle… My human was laughing saying i was a smart dog finding water to survive on… I felt like saying if you got your butt moving and got me water I wouldn’t have to do this..She went into the rotties house and was eating delicious bagel(supplied by the golden) whilst I was dripping saliva out each side of my mouth looking through the door.. my human told me they were delish… I saw the human puppy and never got to lick his face but he waved at me through the window…A great run ..A great time… even though it was a time change… when the run was completed it was so worth getting up early… oh yeah bitches stay safe in NYC and kill that run see ya soon xxxx

chilly Half

Well bitches it’s race week and you know what that means no Sunday run for me… I totally hate race day I get to do all the training and never get to participate no canines … those rules really suck .. although my human always says there are lots of runners and I do not want to be responsible for tripping someone and I agree with her… so I have to rely  on what I hear from her when she gets back…. She got back sporting her medal so I guess she completed it with a PB so there was celebration… We had a very successful day one runner had seven minute personal best Congats Laura thats awesome BOL… she has lost so much weight and looks amazing… so she is cat woman from now on…. The weather was perfect the course was flat and the results were out standing… The Rotty was dressed as the 2:15 bunny and did a great job ….The standard(Kerry)had a bad cold .. The golden(george) worked hard and was all sweaty …Kendra got a big sweaty hug from him….The ST Bernard (jeff) tore up the course with an out standing performance.The italian sheep dog (sabrina)looked so cute and I think smiled every mile…  Tessa’s dad (Kevin)Rocked the course ..Tessa’s mum was waiting at the finish to greet us all…. My human loved that her medal was given by her own daughter Kendra and was delighted to see the  alfa male (karl) helping out to.Thanks to all volunteers  Anna Liz & Adam…with out them there would be no races…A big thank you to Mr Sub on Brant for being kind enough to allow us to use your bathrooms I will buy from you as often as I can… Then to michelle’s house for chili a great race with some outstanding people… Catch ya on the road bitches xxxx Any one would think she won an oscar